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Enhance your Library

Once you've populated your EndNote library with a selection of citations, you can begin to enhance them in a number of different ways:

  • The Find Full-Text function allows you to automatically search for the full-text of any item in your library, on the condition that it has a DOI included in the item record itself. If the item is available via the Suna Kıraç Library's subscriptions, it will be located and automatically appended to the citation record.
  • The Find Reference Updates function allows you to automatically search for bibliographic data which partially or wholly completes the citation records for which you may only have incomplete details. Once the relevant record has been located by the search function, it enables either the missing fields to be updated, or the entire record to be updated and/or overwritten.

By using these methods, you can transform your EndNote library into an evolving library of source materials, which you can then begin to mark up, annotate, and arrange in meaningful groups.