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Google Scholar

To import citation records directly from Google Scholar:

  1. Perform your search.
  2. Select the Cite quotation mark " at the bottom of a record in the search result list.
  3. Select the option to import into EndNote.
  4. If prompted by a Save As <scholar.enw> dialog, select OK, then open the saved file from its location. Other browsers may display an <Open with> option. If prompted, select EndNote and then OK.
  5. If asked, select your EndNote library and select Open.
  6. Highlight some of the newly imported references and click of the Reference Tab on the Tabs panel, to ensure that the information has been transferred correctly.

Note - Only one reference can be exported at a time from Google Scholar, unlike the Library's other databases and full-text e-journals, all of which enable multiple references to be exported in a single transaction.

EndNote: Importing from Google Scholar

You will need to configure Google Scholar to send references to EndNote. Then you will be able to send references to EndNote by clicking on the "Import into EndNote" link.

Follow these steps to configure Google Scholar to send references to EndNote:

  1. Go to the Google Scholar home page at
  2. Click "three horizontal bars" in the upper left-hand corner.
User-added image
3. Click Gear icon and under "Bibliography manager" select the option "Show links to import citations into" and choose "EndNote" in the drop-down box.
User-added image
User-added image
4. Click on the "Save" button.

Follow these steps to import search results into EndNote:

  1. After performing a search on Google Scholar click on the "Import into EndNote" link for the reference you want to import.
  2. If you are presented with a window asking if you want to "Open" or "Save" the file, choose to open the file.
  3. A "Select a Reference Library" window will appear, use this window to select the EndNote library you want the reference imported into.

To export a batch of references from Google Scholar into EndNote, you need to log in to your gmail account and follow the steps below.

  • Perform a search in Google Scholar <> .
  • Select the references you want to keep by clicking the star icon beneath each selected reference. 
  • Click My library on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • This will display all your selected references. Click the box on the top of the screen (right beneath the search box).
  • Click the downward arrow on the top and choose EndNote to export them. See the screen capture below:

  • The selected references will be saved in a file to the lower left cornor.
  • Clicking that file will automatically place the references in your EndNote library (the one you previously worked with will be used if you do not choose a specific library beforehand.)

Note: 1). Be aware that using this method, you must sign in your gmail account.