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Direct export from a database into EndNote

What is "direct export"?
In some databases it is possible to export the search results directly into EndNote via a command in the databases. Via this command EndNote is started and you can choose a library in which you want to transfer the search results.
This works fine in many databases (a.o. Web of Science, PubMed, ScienceDirect, PsycARTICLES). If this is the case, it is the easiest way to transfer references from a database to EndNote. If this feature is not present in an database or if it works poorly, you can transfer references in other ways: via importing a file you have downloaded on your computer or connecting to a database from within EndNote (see sections 3.4 and 3.5).

We show you the direct export possibility for the Web of Science and PubMed databases.

Web of Science

To import citation records directly:

1. On the Databases A-Z listing select W for Web of Science.
2. Connect to the Web of Science database and perform your search.
3. Mark required references by placing ticks in the boxes beside the search result items you wish to import.
4. Click on the Export tab at the top of the search results, and select EndNote Desktop.
5. Select the information to be included in the output from the Record Content drop-down, then select Send.
6. If prompted, select Open.
7. You may be prompted to access your EndNote library. References will then be imported directly, and added to My Library and to the Unfiled group.
8. The Imported References group displays records from the last import. Select some of the newly imported references and click on the Reference Tab of the Tabs Panel to ensure that the information has been transferred correctly.

Note: There may be slight variations of the above steps with different browsers.

Here you can do a search. A screen with results looks like this:

At the top of this screen you see: “Export”. Open this menu and choose “EndNote Desktop”:

Here you can fill in the number of records you want to export. You can also choose the fields you want to work with.
It is often wise to choose “Full Record” (but do not mark “Full Record and Cited References”):

If you click on “Export”, EndNote will start and you can choose the library in which you want to transfer the results.
Select your library, click on Open and the data will be transferred. It is also possible that EndNote does not open but a file is downloaded on your computer.
Then open this file, and EndNote will be started and the results will be transferred.

You see the newly added references as a separate selection.

You can make all references visible in your library via All References on the left side.

You can also mark references in the Web of Science by filling in the small boxes (see the screen above).
You can save them via “Add to marked list”. On top via the tab “Marked list”, you can export the selected records to EndNote.
Here you can select precisely which fields with data you want to save.


Also in PubMed direct export to EndNote works well.

A. Export only one or a couple of references

  • Have a look at the articles found in PubMed and export relevant references (one by one) via the option 'Cite', displayed at each article.   
    Click on 'Download .nbib'. Click on 'Open' at the bottom of your browser (or double click on the file), and the reference will be automatically transferred to your EndNote library.
  • Alternatively, you can select relevant articles in the results list in PubMed and save them to the Clipboard.
    Via Send to (below the search bar in PubMed) > Clipboard
    Articles on the Clipboard can be exported to EndNote in one go, via Send to > Citation Manager 

B. Export all search results at once

  • Click Send to (below the search bar) > Citation Manager
  • Selection: choose whether you want to export all results (All results) or only the references you have selected (Selection). It is possible to export a maximum of 10.000 references at once.
  • Click on 'Create File'.
  • The .nbib file will be downloaded.
  • Click on 'Open' at the bottom of your browser and the references will be automatically transferred to your EndNote library.