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Create a Smart Group

Smart Groups are built with the application of search strategies. Smart Groups are dynamically updated as you add references to, and edit references in your EndNote library. You can create group sets to further organize your Smart Groups and Custom Groups.

To create a Smart Group:

  1. Display the set of references that you would like to search for. This would typically be All References.
  2. Select Create Smart Group from the Groups menu. A search dialog box will appear.
  3. Enter a name for the Group, then your search strategy, and then select Create.

The Smart Group search dialog works the same as the regular search dialog. The new Smart Group will be added to the next Group set after the one being searched. If you are searching all references, it will be in the top-most custom Group set. You can drag-and-drop the new smart Group to any custom Group set.

Smart Groups are created as follows:

At the top of the screen, you click on Groups and then on Create Smart Group.
You give a name to the group and state the search terms which must occur in the reference and click on Create.
On the left, you see the smart group and this one is filled with references that meet the criteria.

Below you see a print screen with 2 Smart Groups with names and content.