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Importing PDF File

EndNote can extract bibliographic information from a publisher-created PDF document (where this information has been added to the metadata using its Digital Object Identifier, or DOI) and use this information to create a citation record in your EndNote library.

To do this:

  1. Open the EndNote library that you wish to use.
  2. From the File menu, select Import and then File (or click the import button on the toolbar).
  3. Select Choose and locate the PDF file you have saved.
  4. From the Import Option drop-down of the Import File dialog box, select PDF.
  5. Text Translation > No Translation.
  6. Select Import.

The reference associated with the imported PDF file should now be displayed in EndNote, with the imported PDF file attached to it. If there is no bibliographic data embedded in the PDF, a reference (with the PDF attached) will be created using the name of the PDF file in the title field. You will need to manually populate the fields of data to complete the reference, or use the Find Reference Updates function.

To display all references, go to the References Menu and select Show All References, or select All References on the My Library panel.

Tip: Your EndNote library can be set to automatically import new PDFs saved to a particular folder on your network or the cloud. Set the PDF Auto Import Folder from Edit > Preferences > PDF Handling.