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Byzantine Constantinople

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According to Samuel Johnson, "Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it." Until recently, we knew where we could find information upon any given subject—in a research library. Libraries collected, preserved, and made available an array of resources needed by scholars. The bigger and more comprehensive the research library, the greater was the community's access to knowledge, as well as access to those experts who could help patrons navigate the library's geography of knowledge. Because scholarship has been primarily print and artifact based, the library was bound to acquire and then maintain in usable form scholarly literature and primary resources in order to make them

For researchers in the field of Byzantine Constantinople, SKL offers numerous resources, from electronic databases to primary documents. This guide is designed to highlight a selection of these resources and collections.  While many of the titles listed cover History of Byzantine Constantinople  in general, there are many resources which address a specific aspect of History of Byzantine Constantinople. The tabs above will lead you to a variety of resources from books to journal articles to statistical information.

How to Find What You Need


DE1-100                                      History of the Greco-Roman world

DE1-15.5                                     General

DE23-31                                      Geography

DE46-73.2                                   Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DE80-100                                    History


DF239-241                                   Roman epoch, 140 B.C.-323/476 A.D.

DF251-289                                   Local history and description

DF501-649                                   Medieval Greece.  Byzantine Empire, 323-1453

DF501-518                                   General

DF520-542.4                                Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DF545-548                                   Military history.  Political history.  Empire and papacy

DF550-649                                   History


DF550-552.8                                General

DF553-599.5                                Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057.  Constantine the Great

DF599.8-649                                1057-1453

DF610-629                                   1204-1261.  Latin Empire

DF630-649                                   1261-1453.  Palaeologi

DF645-649                                   1453.  Fall of Constantinople

DR716-739                                   Istanbul (Constantinople)


N                                                   Visual arts

NA                                                 Architecture

NB                                                 Sculpture

NC                                                 Drawing. Design. Illustration

ND                                                 Painting

NK                                                 Decorative arts

NX                                                 Arts in general