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Academic Writing Tips & Resources

This subject guide is designed to help Koç University students on various types of academic writing issues that may be encountered as they work through their courses, including writing research papers, essays, literature reviews and more.

Scholarly Sources

The ability to distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly sources is required for university-level writing. Especially, when your instructor assign you to use only scholarly sources, being able to know the difference will be much more important.

Scholarly sources are,

  • written by experts in academic or professional fields
  • written for scholars or researcher
  • written in a formal style and use formal language (jargon)

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are published in scholarly journals and are sometimes called peer-reviewed/refereed articles.

Scholarly articles are excellent sources for finding out what has been studied or researched on a topic.

Click here to see NCSU Libraries Anatomy of a Scholarly Article tutorial. In this tutorial the first and last pages of a scholarly article is presented. Click on the highlighted areas of the article to learn about clues to look for when identifying scholarly articles.