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Academic Writing Tips & Resources

This subject guide is designed to help Koç University students on various types of academic writing issues that may be encountered as they work through their courses, including writing research papers, essays, literature reviews and more.

Research Question

Without a research question, the readers will struggle to see what the research adds up to. Writers need a research question to guide the research leading up to the paper. Without a research question, the author also will struggle to figure out what information is needed. 

With a research question, you can know what facts to look for and, when you find them, which ones to use in your paper. 

*Turabian, K. L. (2010). Student's Guide for Writing College Papers. University of Chicago Press.

Thesis Statement

"It is the last sentence of the introduction paragraph and the most important sentence of the whole essay because it gives the main message the whole essay is trying to convey to the readers.

A thesis statement must give a brief summary of the whole essay and the person who reads it should understand what will be either discussed or mentioned in the following parts in the essay."

*Tomak, B. (2021). Introduction to academic writing : from theory to practice . Ankara : Pegem Akademi.

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