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Archives in Turkey

This archive will explore the state and private archives in Turkey.

ÇEKÜL Information and Documentation Centre

As one of the leading heritage NGOs in Turkey, the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ÇEKÜL) strives to foster and build a nation-wide awareness and network for the preservation of the urban and rural, built and natural environment. The Information and Documentation Centre, which is part of ÇEKÜL Anatolian Studies, is an archive, library, research, education and publication unit specializing in the fields of nature, history, architecture and culture in Turkey. It is one of Turkey's leading centers for archiving, librarianship and bibliographical consultation services, as well as for studies in the field of environment and culture.

The ÇEKÜL Information and Documentation Centre was created within the scope of ÇEKÜL’s Anatolian Research Center. It has become one of the leading reference centers in the field of environmental and cultural studies, offering expert archival, library, research, education and publication services in the areas of Turkey’s natural, historical, architectural and cultural histories. The ÇEKÜL Information and Documentation Center contains nearly 45,500 archived materials and is organized into four sections: the Çekül Foundation Collection; the Respect to Sinan Library; the Urban Archive; and the Private Archive of Prof. Dr. Metin Sözen. To access the catalogue click on the catalogue search.

In this ANAMED Library Podcast, the coordinator of the ÇEKÜL Information and Documentation Center, Ayşen Kılıç Özarslantürk, introduced the purpose of the ÇEKÜL Foundation, the formation, development and use of the archive. Enjoy listening this podcast!

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Telephone: 0212 249 64 64 - 0212 251 54 44

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