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Ancient Civilizations of Anatolia

General information about history and periods of Anatolia and its ancient civilizations.

The Muhibbe Darga Collection



A. Muhibbe Darga is one of the pioneers of Anatolian archaeology. With a PhD from İstanbul University, she participated in and directed many excavations in Anatolia and worked in the same university for a long time. She taught and researched on Assyrian and Hittite civilizations and languages. She is the author of many books, including Eski Anadolu’da Kadın (Women in Ancient Anatolia, 1976), Hitit Mimarlığı, Yapı Sanatı: Arkeolojik ve Filolojik Veriler (Hittite Architecture, Arts of Construction: Archaeological and Philological Findings, 1985), and Hitit Sanatı (Art of the Hittites, 1992). The Muhibbe Darga Collection consists of 580 works on Hittitology and other ancient civilizations of Anatolia, helping position Koç University to become a leading center for research in Hittitology.