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Anadolu'nun Göçerleri: Yörükler / Nomads of Anatolia: Yuruks

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Sayın Josephine Powel'in Kütüphanemize 1000'nin üzerinde kitap bağışı ve dergi olmuştur. Bağış yapılan kitaplar birimlere göre aşağıda listelenmiştir.

Başlık ve Yazar Bilgileri Basım Bilgisi Call No
History of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey / Stanford J. Shaw.

Cambridge ; New York

Cambridge University Press, 1976

DR440 .S5 1976
The religion of the Manichees : Donnellan lectures for 1924 / by F.C. Burkitt. Cambridge : The University Press, 1925. BT1410 .B8 1925;"RARE/BT1410 .B8 1925"
The proposed Trans-Persian Railway / by Lieutenant-Colonel A.C. Yate. Read February 8, 1911. London : [Central Asian Society], 1911. HE3365 .Y3 1911;"RARE/HE3365 .Y3 1911"
Turkish embroideries, XVI-XIX centuries / Macide Gönül.

Ankara : Touring and Automobile

Club of Turkey, 1970.

NK9265.A1 G6413 1970
Firozkohi : een Afghaans reisjournaal / Go Mandersloot ; foto's: Josephine Powell, Met een bijdrage van Rita Bolland.

Rotterdam : Museum voor

Land- en Volkenkunde, 1971.

DS352 .M36 1971
Usûl-i meskûkât-ı Osmaniyye ve ecnebiyye / Süleyman Sûdi ; yayına hazırlayanlar, İbrahim Artuk, Cevriye Artuk. İstanbul : Enderun, 1982. CJ3436 .S94 1982
Eski İstanbul yaşayışı / Musahipzade Celal. [İstanbul] : Türkiye Yayınevi, 1946. DR726 .C4 1946
Ibn Battúta travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-1354 / translated and selected by H.A.R. Gibb, with an introduction and notes. London : Routledge, 1929. G370.I2 G5313 1929;"RARE/G370.I2 G5313 1929"
Palestine and Syria with the chief routes through Mesopotamia and Babylonia : handbook for travellers / by Karl Baedeker. With 20 maps, 52 plans, and a panorama of Jerusalem. Leipzig : K. Baedeker; 1906. DS103 .B34 1912;"RARE/DS103 .B34 1912"
Syria and Lebanon : a political essay / by A. H. Hourani. Issued under the auspices of the Royal institute of international affairs. London : Oxford University Press, 1946. DS98 .H65 1946;"RARE/DS98 .H65 1946"
Turkey / [Prepared by the Oxford sub-centre]. [Oxford?] ; 1942 DR417 .G7 1942;"RARE/DR417 .G7 1942"
Mohammed, the man and his faith / Tor Andrae ; translated by Theophil Menzel. London : George Allen & Unwin, 1936. BP75 .A57 1936;"RARE/BP75 .A57 1936"
Woven treasures : textiles from the world of Islam / Kjeld von Folsach and Anne-Marie Keblow Bernsted. Copenhagen : The David Collection, 1993. NK8952.5.I8 F65 1993
The horsemen of the steppes : the story of the Cossacks / Albert Seaton. London : Bodley Head, 1985. DK35 .S43 1985
China among equals : the Middle Kingdom and its neighbors, 10th-14th centuries / edited by Morris Rossabi. Berkeley : University of California, 1983. DS750.64 .C45 1983
A Source book in Chinese philosophy / translated and compiled by Wing-Tsit Chan. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1973. B125 .C45 1973
Afyonkarahisar yöresi Türkmen mezar taşları / Musa Seyirci and Ahmet Topbaş. [İstanbul] : Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, 1983. DS51.A3 S48 1983
50 yıl önce Türkiye'de yörüklerin yayla hayatı / yazan, fotoğraflar, Ulla Johansen ; çeviren, Muallâ Poyraz. Ankara : Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı, 2005. DR27.Y87 J64 2005
Sinan'ın Istanbul'u = Sinan's Istanbul / önsöz, Bedrettin Dalan ; metin ve fotoğraflar Reha Günay.

[İstanbul] : İstanbul Büyük

Şehir Belediyesi, 1987.

NA1373.S5 G86 1987
The Louvre : Near Eastern antiquities / Annie Caubet and Marthe Bernus-Taylor ; [translated by Alexandra Trone]. London : Scala Books, 1991. N7265 .C38 1991
Byzantium : treasures of Byzantine art and culture from British collections / edited by David Buckton. London : British Museum Press, 1994. N6250 .B99 1994
Baraj Gölü çevresi dokuma sanatları / Yusuf Durul. Ankara : Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, 1969. NK8965.A3 K43 1969
Hece tahtaları : Antalya-Burdur-Bolu-Muğla çevresi / Naci Eren. İstanbul : Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, 1984. NB1880.T9 E74 1984
A pictorial history of Turkish dancing : from folk dancing to whirling dervishes, belly dancing to ballet / Metin And. Ankara : Dost Yayınları, 1976. GV1701 .A53 1976
Van : a unique historical treasure in beautiful Eastern Anatolia / Cengiz Alper ; English translation Mary Fletcher. Ankara : [publisher not identified], 1986. DS51.V3 A47 1986
A guide to the Topkapı Palace Museum / Reşat Ekrem Koçu.

İstanbul : Translated and published by

Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey, 1968.

N3690.T8 I7713 1968
Rome on the Euphrates : the story of a frontier / Freya Stark. London : John Murray, 1966. DG59.A8 S7 1966
Through Khiva to golden Samarkand : the remarkable story of a woman's adventurous journey alone through the deserts of Central Asia to the heart of Turkestan / by Ella R. Christie. With 55 illustrations & a map. Londen : Seeley, Service, 1925. DK854 .C5 1925;"RARE/DK854 .C5 1925"
Architecture of the Islamic world : its history and social meaning, with a complete survey of key monuments / texts by Ernst J. Grube ... [et al.] ; edited by George Michell. London : Thames and Hudson, 1978. NA380 .A78 1978
Heraldic symbols : Islamic insignia and western heraldry / William Leaf and Sally Purcell. London : Victoria and Albert Museum, 1986. CR749 .L43 1986
Türk tezhip sanatı / Ayla Ersoy ; English translation by Adair Mill. İstanbul : Akbank, 1988. ND3211 .E78 1988
Silk & stone : the art of Asia / [editor, Jill Tilden]. London : Hali Publications, 1996. N7260 .S57 1996
Islam and the West : a historical cultural survey / Philip K. Hitti. Princeton, N.Y. : D. Van Nostrad, 1979. DS63.2.E8 H5 1962
İşlemeler : Ottoman domestic embroideries / [compiled by] David Black and Clive Loveless. London : David Black Oriental Carpets, 1978. NK9265.A1 I85 1978
Iran under the Safavids / Roger Savory. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1980. DS292 .S26 1980
The early empires of Central Asia : a study of the Scythians and the Huns and the part they played in world history, with special reference to the Chinese sources / by William Montgomery McGovern ... Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, 1939. DS785 .M66 1939;"RARE/DS785 .M66 1939"
Reunited after centuries :works of art restored to Turkey by the Sadberk Hanım Museum = Asırlar sonra bir arada :Sadberk Hanım Müzesi'nin yurtdışından Türkiye'ye kazandırdığı eserler / Editor Hülya Bilgi; fotography Hadiye Cangökçe; translation Robert Bragner. İstanbul : Vehbi Koç Vakfı Sadberk Hanım Müzesi, 2005. NK480.I88 A8520 2005
The World of Islam : faith, people, culture / edited by Bernard Lewis ... [et al.]. London : Thames and Hudson, 1976. DS36.85 .W67 1976
Türkmen giyimi = Türkmen costumes / Sabiha Tansuğ. [Istanbul] : Akbank, 1985. GT1400 .T36 1985
Kilim / prepared by Gürkan Erbek.

Ankara : Ministry of Culture

and Tourism Head Quarters Office, 1990.

NK2865.A1 K55 1990
Sufi : expressions of the mystic quest / Laleh Bakhtiar. London : Thames and Hudson, 1976. BP189.3 .B34 1976
Tulips, arabesques & turbans : decorative arts from the Ottoman Empire / edited by Yanni Petsopoulos. New York : Abbeville Press, 1982. NK1465.A1 T8 1982
Asian art in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery : the inaugural gift / Thomas Lawton ... [et al.]. Washington, D.C. : The Gallery, 1987. N7262 .A78 1987
A ride to Khiva : travels and adventures in Central Asia, by Fred Burnaby ; with portrait and seven original illustrations by Gordon Browne. London : Cassel and Company, 1895. DK949.5.K47 B87 1895;"RARE/DK949.5.K47 B87 1895"
Catalogue du Musée national de Damas / par Abû-l-Faraj Al-Ùsn and Adnan Joundi [et] Bachir Zouhdi ; traduit par G. Saadé.

Damas : Direction Générale

Des Antiquités et Des Musées, 1969.

N3750.D3 A63 1969
Anadolu'da yaşamakta olan ilkel çomlekçilik / Güngör Güner. İstanbul : Akbank, 1988. NK4129 .G86 1988
From the Bosporus to Samarkand : flat-woven rugs / Anthony N. Landreau [and] W. R. Pickering. Washington : Textile Museum, 1969. NK2808 .L27 1969
İstanbul'da gömülü meşhur adamlar (1453-1978) / M. Orhan Bayrak. İstanbul : Türkiye Anıtlar Derneği İstanbul Şubesi, 1979. DR718 .B39 1979
Beyond the gospels / Roderic Dunkerley. Middlesex, Eng. : Penguin Books, 1961. BT297 .D86 1961
The book of Dede Korkut : a Turkish epic / translated into English and edited by Faruk Sümer, Ahmet E. Uysal and Warren S. Walker. Austin : University of Texas Press, 1991. PL95.9.K573 S8613 1991
The Crimean Tatars / Alan W. Fisher. Stanford, Calif. : Hoover Institution Press, 1978. DK511.C7 F49 1978
Grey Wolf / H. C. Armstrong. Hamburg : The Albatros, 1935. DR592.K4 A7 1935;"RARE/DR592.K4 A7 1955"
The image of the Turk in Europe / Alexandrine N. St. Clair. New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1973. NX542 .S24 1973
The World history of Rashid al-Din : a study of the Royal Asiatic Society manuscript / by Basil Gray. London : Faber & Faber, 1978. ND3399.R33 G72 1978
Through the collector's eye : Oriental rugs from New England private collections / Julia Bailey, Mark Hopkins ; preface by Jon Thompson ; edited by Susan Anderson Hay. Providence, R.I. : Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, 1991. NK2808 .B35 1991
Silk roads, china ships / John E. Vollmer, E.J. Keall, E. Nagai-Berthrong ; [Mary Terziano, editor]. Toronto : Royal Ontario Museum, 1983. HF3763.E8 V65 1983
Woven from the soul, spun from the heart : textile arts of Safavid and Qajar Iran, 16th-19th centuries / edited by Carol Bier. Washington, D.C. : Textile Museum, 1987. NK2809.P4 W68 1987
The Mohammadan dynasties : chronological and genealogical tables with historical introductions / by Stanley Lane-Poole. Paris : P. Geuthner, 1925. DS223 .L36 1925;"RARE/DS223 .L36 1925"
Erken Osmanlı sanatı : beyliklerin mirası, Akdeniz'de islam sanatı : Türkiye, Batı Anadolu ve Trakya. İstanbul : Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, 1999. N7165 .E75 1999
Extraordinary popular delusions / by Charles Mackay ; with a foreword by Bernard M. Baruch. New York : Farrar, Staus and Giroux, 1932. AZ999 .M2 1932
Among the Mongols / by the late James Gilmour. London : Religious tract society, [date of publication not identified]. DS793.M7 G4;"RARE/DS793.M7 G4"
Everyman's thesaurus of English words and phrases / D. C. Browning ; revised from Peter Roget London : J. M. Dent & Sons, 1971. PE1591 .B76 1971
A short account of early Muslim architecture / K. A. C. Creswell. London : Pelican Book, 1958. NA380 .C73 1958
History of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey / Stanford J. Shaw.

Cambridge ; New York 

Cambridge University Press, 1976

DR440 .S5 1976
Persian miniature painting and its influence on the arts of Turkey and India : the British Library collections / Norah M. Titley. London : British Library, 1983. ND3241 .T58 1983
Islamic art & patronage : treasures from Kuwait / edited by Esin Atıl. New York : Rizzoli, 1990. N6263.W3 A785 1990
Diyarbakır'da Türk mimarisi / Metin Sözen. İstanbul : Diyarbakır'ı Tanıtma ve Turizm Derneği, 1971. NA1371.D5 S69 1971
The world of Ottoman art / Michael Levey. London : Thames and Hudson, 1975. N7164 .L48 1975
Sports and pastimes : scenes from Turkish, Persian, and Mughal paintings / Norah M. Titley. London : British Library, 1979. ND3211 .T57 1979
The Bedouin : aspects of the material culture of the Bedouin of Jordan : World of Islam Festival 1976 / Shelagh Weir.

[London] : World of Islam

Festival Publishing Co. Ltd, 1976.

DS153.5 .W44 1976
L'art Islamique : bassin mediterraneen / Hayat Slam Liebich. Paris : Flammarion, 1983. N6260 .L37 1983
Osmanlı padişah fermanları = Imperial Ottoman fermans / hazırlayan Ayşegül Nadir. London : Ayşegül Nadir, 1986. NK3639.T9 O86 1986
Turkish handwoven carpets : catalog.

Ankara : Turkish Republic, Ministry of State,

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 1987

NK2865.A1 T88 1987
Turkish handwoven carpets : catalog.

Ankara : Turkish Republic, Ministry of State,

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 1987

NK2865.A1 T88 1987
Timur and the princely vision : Persian art and culture in the fifteenth century / Thomas W. Lentz, Glenn D. Lowry. Los Angeles : Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1989. N7291 .L46 1989
İslâm sanatında Türkler = The Turkish contribution to Islamic arts / fotoğraflar Sami Güner ... [and four others] ; çevirmenler Adair Mill, Maggi Quigley and Graham Clarke. İstanbul : Yapı Kredi Bankası, 1976. N7164 .I84 1976
A history of Ottoman architecture / Godfrey Goodwin. London : Thames & Hudson, 1971. NA1364 .G66 1971
Kaşık ve kaşıkçılık / Naci Eren. İstanbul : Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları, 1984. GT2950 .E746 1984
Woven structures : a guide to oriental rug and textile analysis / Marla Mallett. Atlanta, GA : Christopher Publications, 1998. NK2808 .M35 1998
Classical Chinese tales of the supernatural and the fantastic : selections from the third to the tenth century / edited by Karl S.Y. Kao. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 1985. PL2658.E8 C56 1985
Classical Chinese tales of the supernatural and the fantastic : selections from the third to the tenth century / edited by Karl S.Y. Kao. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 1985. PL2658.E8 C56 1985
The medieval warhorse from Byzantium to the Crusades / Ann Hyland ; with a foreword by Michael Prestwich. Pennsylvania : Combined Books, 1996. UE460 .H95 1996
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Harun al-Rashid and the world of the thousand and one nights / André Clot ; translated from the French by John Howe. New York : New Amsterdam, 1989. DS38.6 .C5713 1989
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P : Dünya sanatı dergisi / Portakal Sanat ve Kültür Evi. İstanbul : Portakal Sanat ve Kültür Evi, 1996 NX8.T9 S363
İTO vizyon / İstanbul Ticaret Odası İstanbul : İstanbul Tİcaret Odası, 1995 HF3756.5 .A26
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Kültür ve Sanat Dergisi / Türkiye İş Bankası. Ankara : Türkiye İş Bankası, 1988 NX565.A1 K8
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Sanat dünyamız [Istanbul : Yapı ve Kredi Bankası, 1974 NX565.A1 S36
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