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Guide to Greek Civilization

Bronze disc with Gorgo

The Acropolis Museum: Bronze disc with Gorgo - From the decoration of the first temple of the Athena Polias.  The earliest representation of the mythical Gorgo on the Aropolis.  7th cent. BC (NAM 13050)

Welcome to the Greek Civilization Subject Guide

Greek studies have become a major field of research in Universities and Institutions outside Greece, aiming to gather, manage and communicate scholarly resources to the public.  Take a look at the Center for Hellenic Studies - Harvard University.

Since you’re here, it means you also, have a keen interest in various aspects related to Greek culture and literature.  The guide will assist you with your research and will further support your knowledge. 

Browsing the menu, you will come across resources that comprise both general interest as well as academic, so that you will be able to synthesize them according to your information needs and professional expertise.

Let the journey begin!

Some general introduction from external resources