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ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software. It’s brought to you by the team behind Zotero, the powerful open-source research tool recommended by thousands of universities worldwide, so you can trust it to help you seamlessly add sources and produce perfect bibliographies. If you need to reuse sources across multiple projects or build a shared research library, we recommend using Zotero instead.

ZoteroBib supports over 9,000 CSL styles, including popular styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian. These are the same styles used in Zotero, and we work hard to make sure they stay up to date with style guide recommendations and publisher requirements. Citations are generated by the same sophisticated citation engine used in Zotero.

Your bibliography is stored in your browser’s local storage by default. You can close the page and return to it later, and your bibliography will still be there — no need to worry about saving your data or logging in.

If you want to load your bibliography on another computer, you can use Link to this version to upload a copy to and generate a link that you can use to retrieve that version of your bibliography later. (We recommend storing the link in the document you’re working on so you have everything in one place.) Once you’ve generated a link and stored it safely, you can click Delete All if you want to remove the bibliography from the current computer.

Link to this version is also great for sharing the bibliography with someone else. They’ll see a clean, read-only version, which they can choose to load into the editor if they want to make changes. (If you need to collaborate on a project, we highly recommend using Zotero, which lets you easily create shared research libraries. It’s free too!)

Further changes you make are not uploaded unless you use Link to this version again, which will generate a new URL.

Note that if you’re using private/incognito mode in your browser, your bibliography will be deleted as soon as you close the window, so if you choose to use private browsing be sure to periodically use Link to this version and save the URL.

How long is my bibliography stored?

Bibliographies are stored in your local browser storage until you delete them or clear your browser’s cache. If you’re using private/incognito mode in your browser, your bibliography will be deleted as soon as you close the window. Note that some system-cleaning tools might clear the browser storage, and some browsers offer to do so as well as part of a refresh process.

If you’re worried about losing your bibliography, use Link to this version to upload a copy to, and then save the link. Each uploaded version is stored for at least six months from when it was created or last viewed.

Go to

In the "Cite" bar, enter either the URL for a web source, the ISBN of a book, the DOI or PMID number of an article, or the title of a source. (Numbers sometimes work better than titles.) If none of those work, you can click Manual Entry and fill in the blanks.

Your bibliography appears on the page as you add sources. Use the blue bar to choose your citation style.

Screenshot of a short bibliography generated by ZoteroBib

Delete a source by mousing over it and clicking the X button that appears to the right.

To create an in-text citation or footnote, click the copy button to the right of the source and enter the page number you're citing. Then click Copy Citation and paste it into your document.


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