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Mechanical Engineering

Subject Guide to Mechanical Engineering

About This Guide

This guide is intended to help students in Mechanical Engineering classes with research on chemistry and related subjects. The Mechanical Engineering Subject Guides provide access to discipline-based information and resources, including databases, web-based resources and support material.


The “Science and Engineering collection” covers chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering disciplines. The collection includes over 33,000 volumes. Again subject-specific reference books have been shelved at the front of the shelving units. The “Science and Engineering Reference Librarian” M. Sina Mater is at the ready to assist our users.

For this open-shelf collection, after having the Mechanical Engineering call number of a book from the catalog search, you can seek for it throughout the shelves classified using Library of Congress Classification Scheme as follows;

T 353,  TA 174 Engineering design
TA 357
Fluid mechanics
TA 409 Fracture Mechanics
TJ 170, TL 243 Dynamics
TJ 163.12 Mechatronics
TJ 184 Gearing
TJ 230 Machine design
TJ 265,  TJ 756 Thermodynamics
TJ 782,  TJ 785 Internal combustion engines