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Kütüphane Elçisi Programı / The Student Ambassadors Programme

Bu rehberde Kütüphane Elçileri neler yapar, kimler başvurmalı gibi konular üzerinde durulmuştur. / In this libguide we explained what Student Ambassadors do and who should apply to the programme.

The Programme


The Student Ambassadors Programme was launched in 2016. This is a valuable experience for students interested in developing leadership and communication skills while participating in SKL’s various activities.


Our Expectations


The Student Ambassadors,

  • Support the Library's activities and trainings
  • Support the updating of trainings according to the courses
  • Announce and promote the activities organized by the Library

There are so many activities that we have planned. Please share your ideas!

Who can apply?


We are looking for enthusiastic persons, who will be committed to the purpose of the project, with good communication skills, a positive approach and adaptability, organizational skills, team work spirit and open-minded character. We mainly address undergraduate students and 1rst year postgraduate students.

Why being a student ambassador is worth it?

The SA program is a good opportunity to work within a “professional” framework and therefore, gain valuable experience in team work.  After having completed their participation, the SA will have managed to improve their communication and organizational skills, to acquire great interaction with the faculty and staff of KU. 

The Student Ambassadors have more Library borrowing rights. Also they may receive a recommendation letter after the program.

The application process


Students who are interested, please send your application form to Ebru Gönül Türk (, and do not forget to attach your CV.