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Kütüphane Elçisi Programı / The Student Ambassadors Programme

Bu rehberde Kütüphane Elçileri neler yapar, kimler başvurmalı gibi konular üzerinde durulmuştur. / In this libguide we explained what Student Ambassadors do and who should apply to the programme.

2021 Library Student Ambassadors

Erinç Dokuyucu

Hi everyone! I am Erinç and I am a sophomore medical student who is also doing a double major with archeology and history of art. Since I am spending most of my time in the library due to my workload, I am very happy to perceive that atmosphere of books and the silence. Our library really encapsulates all walks of life as well as many different aspects which we cannot easily access outside. Even though I am not reading a particular thing, being inside the library fills me with joy and excitement. While walking alongside those big shelves, I always read the titles and experience their awesome designs. With the inspiration gained by this, I keep my motivation for reading more, studying more, and most importantly, learning more.

Esra Sertel

My name is Esra, my major is Psychology, and I double major in Sociology. I enrolled at Koç University in 2019, and I have been a part of the Student Ambassadors of Suna Kıraç Library Programme since October 2021. 

Fawwaz Raira Alam

My name is Fawwaz, and I'm a Freshman in the Molecular Biology Major joining the student ambassador's program for the Library. Usually in my free time I like to meet and explore new people and engaging in meaningful interactions to expand my knowledge on the world. I also like to engage in team activities and business endeavors where teamwork is highly valued.

Funda Ayas (Graduated -Fall 2021)

Hi! I am Funda and I am a student ambassador in Suna Kıraç Library. Here, we analyze and discuss about every type of books, we design the look of our social media and answer your questions about library. And, I like to be part of the team.

Elif Lara Soğancı


My name is Elif Lara Soğancı and I’m a third year student in Koc University. I am currently studying Economics and Industrial Engineering. It is also my third year in Suna Kırac Library as a student ambassador. As it is seen, I became a student ambassador right after I started to study at Koc University. Books have been my passion since my childhood and I really enjoy spending time with books. Also, we have one of the most beautiful, calm and also energetic libraries in Turkey. It has a lot of resources and it has really good opportunities to spend time, read books, and study. It is my favorite place in our university. I am very proud to become a student ambassador for Suna Kırac Library and I hope we can improve our library with you all.

Thank you!

Ozan Özhan

Hello Everyone :)

I’m Ozan, and I am currently doing my master’s degree at Koç University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. As you may notice, I am one of the oldest student ambassadors in our library. I love to focus on different areas, and I love reading since I was child. Since I love reading, I spend a lot of time in library. (It is also because I am studying engineering, but nevermind.) Besides, I love swimming, playing and watching theatre and dancing. I took active roles in different student clubs during my undergraduate like Theatre Club, and Management and Economics Club. So, I love to meet with people from different backgrounds who have different perspectives, since it gives me opportunity to look from different perspectives.

Pelin İçinözbebek

Hello everyone!

I'm Pelin, and I'm a Sophomore Student at Koç University. My major is International Relations and Business Administration. My favorite activity is gathering around my favorite books and journals about literature. Therefore I was always enthusiastic about the Library and the environment. I wanted to be a Suna Kıraç Library Student Ambassador because I'd always wanted to expand my imagination beyond the world since I was a child. Also, I love to stay quiet and focus on everything I have to do.

Furthermore, I'm such a fan of movies and books, so I consider this program is suitable for me and for those who want to explore all the stuff they want to learn. So I'm honored to be here. I hope we can make this place better every day.