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iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software

iThenticate is plagiarism detection software that is designed to be used by researchers to screen written work for originality The service allows researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iT

Viewing and Interpreting a Report

Once a file has been scanned, a report will be available. This report will provide you with an overview of all potential matches that iThenticate has found when it scanned its repositories of published works. Each match is an area of the scanned document that might represent significant overlap with another published document. This is a possibility of plagiarism only, and requires that users look closely at the instance to determine if the instance is correctly cited, if the instance represents an accidental match, or if the instance needs amelioration to avoid ethical conflicts.

Viewing a Report

To view a report, view the contents of the folder where a document was scanned, and see if there is a score available. This overall score is based on the matches found in the document. If you’ve been asked to view an existing report that you did not scan, look at your “My Folders” menu at the top left to find the folder that has been shared with you. 

Clicking on the percentage brings up the report in the main screen.

Interpreting a Report

The viewer has the paper in the left portion of the screen, with a list of sources on the right that contain potential matches to investigate. You can view the match in context within the document or view the original source. For a detailed walk-through of the Document Viewer and how to view matches, visit iThenticate’s training resources.

If you are interpreting the report, but find yourself uncertain about the implication of some matches, there are resources on campus that can help you. If you’d like to speak with someone directly, you may contact Ersan Dur at in the Suna Kıraç Library.

Downloading a Report

In some instances, you may wish to download the report as a PDF. To download the report as a PDF, go to the Document Viewer for the report, as shown above. Click the printer icon in the lower left part of the screen. iThenticate will prepare the PDF and start the download process.


iThenticate Document Viewer Walk-through