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iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software

iThenticate is plagiarism detection software that is designed to be used by researchers to screen written work for originality The service allows researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iT

Getting Started: Scanning a Document, Creating a Folder, Uploading a Document

Scanning a Document

Once you’ve logged in to iThenticate, you will have the opportunity to scan a document. This may be your own work, or a document provided to you to scan.

If you are a researcher, scanning your document can be a valuable check before submitting your work to an advisor or a journal. Early detection of any potential issues can save time and trouble down the road.

Creating a Folder

Folders are where you organize your scanned files and retrieve reports. Each folder has settings that determine how files uploaded are scanned by iThenticate. It is recommended that you do not exclude any material in your document to ensure the most complete scan, but the settings will allow you to exclude parts of your document or limit searches to specific repositories during the scan. Use the “My Folders” dialog on the left of your iThenticate screen to create and organize folders.

If you want other users to be able to view scans of a document or set of documents, you can share the folder with selected users. Create a folder for all of those scanned documents and use the “Sharing” tab to select the users you wish to have access to it.

Uploading a Document

Once you upload a document into a folder, iThenticate will begin scanning it, according to the settings on that folder. To upload a file, select “Upload a File” from the “Submit a document” menu to the right of your iThenticate screen.

iThenticate has some requirements about what kinds of files it can take, and how big they can be. They are listed right under the “Submit a document” menu.

You will be provided with a form to help identify your document. You’ll need to choose which folder you’re putting the document into and then provide the author’s first name, author’s last name and the title of the document.

Once you click “Choose File,” the file will upload and it iThenticate will begin scanning the file.

You can also upload multiple files from a single author by putting them all into a zip file and uploading that using “Zip File Upload” from the “Submit a document” menu.