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IFLA Division D Mid-term Meeting 5-7 June 2024

Istanbul / Turkey

Call for Papers

Libraries Bridging Boundaries: Challenges and Strategies for Global Openness

Themes & Sub-themes

Open access, open science, open publishing, open educational resources: these are the dreams of more than two decades of activism and initiative. Where are we in 2024? What goals are most important? What can we learn about how to mobilise effort to best effect? The opening keynote will summarize the advances and obstacles that "open" experiences in a global context today.

We're seeking proposals that provide fresh perspectives on:

  • Open Access and the Librarian's Role: How librarians are influencing the continued growth and evolution of open access.  How are we educating and upskilling library professionals to meet the challenges and opportunities of OA?
  • Collection Development: Collection strategies in an open era and how libraries are adapting.
  • Open Infrastructure: What sorts of infrastructures do we need to enable a transition to openness? What is already available (especially for use by under-resourced institutions)? What do we need to develop? Proposals on this sub-theme could involve software, standards, best practices, metadata, etc.
  • Library Publishing Initiatives: Share successful models and experiences in library-led OA publishing. How are institutional repositories being utilised to meet the new open access agenda?
  • Open Data: This is an opportunity to think about data from a fresh perspective. How do we ensure that we are preserving, sharing, and making accessible research data in a global context?
  • Local Community vs. Global Community – Should we be thinking about local needs first - and does that come into conflict with global needs? What are the ethics of Transformative Agreements? Do policies like these make a truly global transition more or less likely?
  • Governance and Impact – How do we maintain quality standards and measure impact in an open access world? How do we ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in all open practices? What is the impact of AI?
  • Any Other Ideas? - We welcome submissions on any related themes

Proposal Types

  • Contributed Papers: Insights into library practices, case studies, or theoretical discussions
  • Panel Discussions: Diverse viewpoints on engaging with open scholarship challenges
  • Lightning Talks: Quick presentations sharing innovative ideas or experiences

Additional Details:

Submission Guidelines

  • Submission: Proposals can be submitted via this Google Form or emailed as a Word document or PDF to
  • Requirements: Proposals must be in English, including presenter details, session type, title, and an abstract (max 300 words).

Virtual Presentations: Considered for Contributed Papers Only. The deadline for proposal abstracts is April 5.