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Using inKUire Search

inKUire is a simple and fast search engine that helps you discover relevant information on any topic from the Suna Kıraç Library collections. It is a great place to start your research in scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles, books and many

Boolean Searching Operators: AND, OR and NOT

Using Boolean search syntax (AND, OR, NOT) will bypass features of the inKUire relevancy system (for example, stemming, proper name matching and so on). As a result, Boolean results will not mirror the results of non-Boolean queries. Boolean searches, depending on how they are written, can either limit or expand your search.

  • The operators must be written in all capital letters to ensure that they are interpreted correctly by the system.
  • In a query containing both AND and OR operators, AND is processed first, followed by OR. If a query contains parentheses, operators within parentheses are processed first, and then precedence rules are processed from left to right.

Boolean Searching Examples Using AND, OR and NOT

When two or more terms or expressions are adjacent with no intervening Boolean operator, an AND is assumed. For example, if you search for:

earthquake fault

you will get the same results when you search for

earthquake AND fault

To expand the results, use the OR operator. For example, if you search for:

microcircuits OR nanocircuits

your results will include items containing either term or both terms.

To search for phrases, enclose the phrase in quotes. Use any of the operators combined with phrase searches. For example, if you search for

"teacher education" OR "educator training"

your results will include either complete phrase.

To exclude items in a inKUire search, use the NOT operator or minus sign (-) character before a term. For example, the query

mustang NOT animal

will exclude items that refer to the horse, but will include references to the Ford Mustang.

You can add parentheses to nest expressions within a query. For example:

(Paint OR Glass) Applied

is the same as a search for

(Paint OR Glass) AND Applied


Paint OR Glass Applied

is different. This is the same as a search for

Paint OR (Glass AND Applied)