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Kütüphane Elçisi Programı / The Student Ambassadors Programme

Bu rehberde Kütüphane Elçileri neler yapar, kimler başvurmalı gibi konular üzerinde durulmuştur. / In this libguide we explained what Student Ambassadors do and who should apply to the programme.

Blog Posts and Activities

New Student Ambassadors in SKL

Two sweet and talented ladies joined our Library team, as our Ambassadors to KU community. Let them introduce themselves.... This is Asli.... Hello! My name is Aslı and I'm a third year student at Koç University. I major in Media and Visual Arts alongside English Language and Comparative Literature.

Albert Camus - Yabanci


TWINS: INTERPERSONAL ANALYSIS OF THE BOND BETWEEN ARTEMIS AND APOLLO Although almost all of us have met twins as a pair or individual at some point in our lives, solely 3.6 twins per 1,000 births are born on average in worldwide. Besides the valuableness of their rareness, it is not hard to comprehend humanity's fascination...

This Week's Writing Genre: Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic is a genre of literature given to the literary pieces taking their theme from the American South. The South States, as you know, were the ones who were in favor of slavery and where most slave-intensive labor were due to the huge cotton and sugar cane plantations.