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Qualtrics Training

Qualtrics is a simple web-based survey tool that provides the opportunity to conduct online survey research, evaluations, and many other data collection activities..

Most frequent problems

PROBLEM 1: I am not  allowed to activate more than three surveys at Qualtrics.

SOLUTION 1: This is probably because you are using a free Qualtrics account. You should create your KU unlimited Qualtrics account via to be able to benefit from KU license of the survey platform. Please check out with Account Settings what type of user account you have.















See Account Usage tab to find out your account type. If it says Unlimited at the bottom it means you are using the Koç University's license.

Please send an e-mail to the Qualtrics Support to be upgraded your free account to the Koç University unlimited account.


PROBLEM 2: While I am creating my account Qualtrics asks me an Access Code!

SOLUTION 2 : You don't have to enter an access code here, just go ahead clicking on the blue "Sign me Up" button.