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Research Identity - ORCID iD

Why use ORCID?


  • Uniquely yours: Distinguish yourself and claim credit for your work while controlling access to your data, no matter how many people have your same (or similar) name. Your ORCID doesn't change even if your name does.
  • Open and flexible profile data: ORCID is platform-agnostic, discipline-neutral, and publisher-independent, so you can easily share your data between your record and an increasing number of funding, publishers, data and manuscript repositories, and other research workflows. 
  • Portable: Your ORCID iD and data will always stay with you and remain the same, even after you leave Harvard.
  • Customizable visibility: ORCID links all your research together, while you control the visibility of each piece of data (public or private).
  • Reduced administrative burden: Many manuscript submission, grant application, and institutional repository forms can be auto-populated. You can spend more time conducting your research and less time replicating biographical data and research activities.