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Graduate School of Sciences & Engineering

This guide is to introduce graduate students to some of the services and resources that the library offers. Below is information that will hopefully make using the library easier and faster so you can focus on your research.

Document Supply

If a user can’t find an item – print or electronic – in the collections of the Koç University library system, we may be able to retrieve it via Document Delivery Services (DDS). Through DDS, the library can often able retrieve items from the collections of other university libraries, principally from universities in Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey. All DDS requests involve the Library being charged a fee, however, so please be sure to check the KU collections for needed items before making a request. Note that these fees are not passed on to the user -- requests are free of charge to our patrons.

Article Request

The purpose of this service is to obtain articles that are not available at the Suna Kıraç Library. SKL obtains copies of articles by working in co-operation with other libraries and institutions. It is usually a library-to-library transaction including both academic libraries and information centers. All KU faculty, administrative staff, graduate and undergraduate students can benefit from this service, which is free of charge.

Graduate Students are only permitted to request 5 articles at a time

To benefit from this service, users should fill and submit Online Article Request form

For detailed information please feel free to visit "Document Delivery" webpage

Book Request (ILL)

Inter-Library Loan Request Form

To request a book not held in the SKL system via interlibrary loan (ILL), please fill out our interlibrary loan book request form. Note that you will need to have signed up for a library account to utilize the service; the form will ask patrons to enter their Novell Username & Passwords.

Faculty, graduate students and university staff can take out up to 5 items at a time via ILL (this service is not available to undergraduate students). The Library will notify the patron via e-mail once a request has been fulfilled and the item has arrived, or once it has been determined that the requested item cannot, in fact, be retrieved via ILL. Retrieved ILL items can be picked up at the Information Desk on the Basement level.

Books requested via ILL will usually take several days to arrive, however the time is dependent on factors external to the control of the Library, and can take longer. Note that the loan period is also set by the lending library, rather than the SKL, so these will vary, and it is the responsibility of the borrower to be aware of the due date for the ILL item.

For additional information, please send an email to

Inter-Campus Loan

Need an item from one of the Koç University libraries not located on your home campus?

Please feel free to fill Inter-Campus Loan Book Request Form

Intercampus Loan is the service that provides access to Koç University Library book and periodical collections located at different sites.

How do I submit an Inter-campus Loan request?
1. Search the Library Catalog to confirm holdings, status, and location of materials owned by the Koç University Library.
2. Once located fill out the online form
3. You may contact by e-mail at