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A good starting point for archaeological sources.

How to Find What You Need


For researchers in the field of the Archaeology, Numismatic, Inscriptions - Epigraphy, SKL offers numerous resources, from electronic databases to primary documents. This guide is designed to highlight a selection of these resources and collections.  While many of the titles listed cover  ArchaeologyNumismatic, Inscriptions - Epigraphy in general, there are many resources which address a specific aspect of ArchaeologyNumismatic, Inscriptions - Epigraphy. The tabs above will lead you to a variety of resources from books to journal articles to statistical information.

Call numbers are a method to keep books in order. At SKL, we prefer the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system, an alphanumeric system which groups books by subject categories.You can see related call numbers for the ArchaeologyNumismatic, Inscriptions - Epigraphy.

Subclass CC

CC1-960 Archaeology

CC72-81 Philosophy. Theory

CC73-81 Methodology

CC83-97 Study and teaching. Research

CC135-137 Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities. Antiquities and state

CC140 Forgeries of antiquities

CC200-260 Bells. Campanology. Cowbells

CC300-350 Crosses

CC600-605 Boundary stones

CC700-705 Stone heaps, cairns, etc., of unknown purpose

CC710 Hill figures

CC960 Lanterns of the dead

Subclass CJ

CJ1-6661    Numismatics

CJ1-4625    Coins

CJ153          Finds of coins

CJ161         Symbols, devices, etc.

CJ201-1397 Ancient

CJ1509-4625  Medieval and modern

CJ4801-5450   Tokens

CJ4861-4889     By period

CJ4901-5336     By region or country

CJ5350-5450     Special uses of tokens

CJ5501-6661     Medals and medallions

CJ5581-5690     Ancient

CJ5723-5793    Medieval and modern

CJ5795-6661    By region or country

Subclass CN

CN1-1355     Inscriptions. Epigraphy

CN120-740   Ancient inscriptions

CN750-753    Early Christian inscriptions

CN755           Medieval inscriptions (General)

CN760           Modern inscriptions (General)

CN805-865   By language

CN870-1355  By region or country