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Suna Kıraç Library Summer 2013 Renovation Project: Compact Shelves Installation

Create a Learning Commons Centered on the second floor Suna Kıraç Library Shelves and Reading Rooms Renovation Projects guide

About Library Renovation Project

Dear Library Users,

We would like to inform you about renovations which will be taking place in the library building this summer and the impact that these renovations will have on library services.

Renovations will begin June 17th, 2013 with the objectives of increasing capacity and making improvements to study areas while having no impact on shelving capacity.

The work plan involves moving most of the books from the 2nd Floor to the Basement Floor, where we will be transitioning to compact shelving units. The space freed up on the 2nd Floor will be repurposed as study areas.

The re-design of the 2nd Floor as an Information Commons will take place in Summer 2014.

As of   June 17th, 2013, only the 24 Hours Study Rooms and the First Floor will be accessible to library users.


The relocation of the print book collection means that patrons will not have access to books held at Suna Kıraç to take out and consult personally. In order to minimize any inconvenience and to provide borrowing privileges to the collection, the following procedures are being implemented:

1.       The Summer Loan procedure will be in use starting from May 13th. The return date for borrowed materials will be set as September 27th,  except for full time faculty, who can borrow materials for a full year. Some flexibility will be allowed in terms of the number of materials that can be borrowed. We advise itemizing your book needs immediately and borrowing them by June 10th.

2.       For books needed throughout the summer, the Inter-campus Book Request Form can and must be used to request and borrow books from the Library. Requests will be filled in less than 24 hours. Users will be notified via email when a requested item is available for pickup from the Reserve Desk.

3.       The Course Reserve service will continue as per the usual procedures.

This Libguide has been created to keep you informed about project process. For any further questions, please email us at or call us at 1318.

Thank you for your understanding,

Suna Kirac Library