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How to register for a Financial Times account


The Financial Times (FT) gives you access to the daily news focusing on international business and economics. It also provides access to company and market data and the FT ePaper which is the digital replica of the Financial Times printed newspaper from different countries including UK, Asia, and USA.

This how-to guide is designed to help you find detailed information on Financial Times access and creating an account.

Use your KU email to register for your FT account.

How to register for a Financial Times account

To create a personal account, please click "Sign in" on, and then use your Koc University email address on the following page.

Click the "SSO sign in" button to continue. FT will recognize you from your Koc University e-mail address and will allow you to create an account with it.

You will see the OpenAthens authentication screen. Please select Koc University Suna Kıraç Library to continue. This option will direct you KU Network login page. After the Ku Network screen, your Financial Times account will be created and you will be redirected to the Financial Times website. 


Need Help?

You can also access the Financial Times from mobile applications. Please log in with your existing Koc University account or with your KU email address integrated with your Google Account.

If you want to change your password after creating an account with SSO, you need to use the Settings&Accounts menu on the Financial Times website. This page will allow you to change your password with the "Forgot password" option.

For questions about the Financial Times, you can always contact us at or