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Medical/Health Humanities Research Guide

KU COVID-19 Community Archive

A call for volunteers to help document, preserve and disseminate personal documentation during the 2020 pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemy has affected our daily lives fundamentally and it is a unique historical event, as new approaches and technologies are being tested.  We are aware of the fact that to have a better understanding of this period in the future, documenting our stories plays an important role. COVID-19 pandemic imposes different ways of living to all the societies in the world as well as it points to a unique period of time in the history that new approaches and technologies are tested. Within this frame, the “COVID-19 Koç University Community Archive” project by Suna Kıraç Library – the first and only example of such a project in Turkey at university level, so far –  aims to record text-based, audio and visual production of Koç University members, which reflect their feelings and thoughts during this process.