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Special Collection'

Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy - Stanford School of Medicine  1,547 photographic images and accompanying drawings compiled into a 24-volume Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy, completed in 1962.

Cranial Nerves - Yale University 

Dartmouth Medical School Department of Anatomy

AMA Atlas of the Body (American Medical Association) Diagrams and short explanations of various parts of the body. 

Oxford Reference

Medicine and health - Oxford Reference Online

For a quick introduction to the main features of The Premium Collection, take a look at our Tour. For more information on the books and subjects available to you, visit our Subjects & books section.

The Premium Collection has an 'intelligent search' which will find your search term whether it appears in an entry heading, the full text of the entry, and will even find it if you have misspelled it. The Premium Collection also features improved reordering and refining options for search results to help you focus on the type of entry which best suits your needs.

Oxford Reference Online is an expanding, regularly updated resource. The Premium Collection is regularly updated. Visit our What's new section to find out more about our updating programme and what has been added recently.

We even have a fun Fact of the Day feature which you can use to test and expand your general knowledge. You can even sign up to receive Fact of the Day by email.

Reference Books

These are the selected reference books from our catalog that lib use only.