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Research Impact

What is ImpactStory?

  • ImpactStory is an open-source, web-based tool that helps researchers explore and share the diverse impacts of all their research products--traditional ones like journal articles, but also alternative products like blog posts, datasets, and software.
  • Web-based application that makes it easy to track the impact of a wide range of research artifacts
  • Aggregates impact data from many sources, from Mendeley to Twitter and also includes Scopus and PubMed
  • Output is displayed in a single, permalinked report

How could it be used?

ImpactStory data can be:

  • highlighted as indications of the minimum impact a research artifact has made on the community
  • explored more deeply to see who is citing, bookmarking, and otherwise using your work
  • run to collect usage information for mention in biosketches
  • included as a link in CVs
  • analyzed by downloading detailed metric information

Sample Report


What is being tracked?

ImpactStory tracks a wide range of websites, databases, social networks etc. You can find a detailed list on their website.

See an example profile