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How to register for a Wall Street Journal account


The WSJ is the definitive source of news and information through the lens of business, finance, economics, and money, global forces that shape the world and are key to understanding it. The Suna Kıraç Library has a subscription that gives members of the Koç University community full access to the content on the website.

This how-to guide is designed to help you find detailed information on Wall Street Journal access and creating an account.

Use your KU email to register for your WSJ account.

Wall Street Journal Access through Suna Kıraç Library

To create your Wall Street Journal membership,

  1. Go to the WSJ registration page from here (To reach the registration page, you need to be on the Koç University network or be connected with the KU VPN)
  2. Select an Account Type from the dropdown: StudentProfessor, or Staff. If you choose Student, you will need to enter an expected graduation date.
  3. Enter your KU email address and create a password. The email address and password will allow access on other devices outside of the university network.
  4. Click Create to complete registration and create your WSJ subscription. 
  5. You will see a confirmation screen if you have registered successfully and a confirmation email will also be sent to you.

NOTE: Faculty and staff members will be required to validate memberships once a year. An email will notify the user when they need to reactivate the membership.

Wall Street Journal Access Benefits

  • Unlimited access to with WSJ mobile and tablet apps.
  • Instant access to breaking news, podcasts, media, and newsletters.
  • WSJ+, complimentary premium membership for events and other offers.
  • Archive of articles, up to 4 years back.

What is WSJ+ ?

WSJ+ is a community for all WSJ members (faculty, students, and staff) and offers premium benefits, virtual experiences, and unique insights. Take advantage of book offers, exclusive Q&As, and behind-the-scenes access. These exclusive events and experiences expose faculty, staff, and students to new potential career paths and introduce them to industry leaders with whom they can make valuable and lasting connections.

Need Help?

If you cannot view the registration form, there may be a problem with your internet connection. To create your WSJ account you need to be connected with the Koc University network or should activate the KU VPN connection.

For questions about the Wall Street Journal, you can always contact us at or