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"Asia-Pacific region & Turkey Library Week 2019



Dear members of the Information and Library Science community, 

Koç University Libraries are delighted to organize their first Asia-Pacific region & Turkey Library week in Istanbul, between  14-18 October 2019.  The event brings together professional Library staff with varied backgrounds from Asian countries, working in universities or other research orientated libraries with an interest in sharing ideas and networking with colleagues. 

Suna Kıraç Library has prior experience from similar events, as it organized 3 International events in 2018 with the participation of 32 International Librarians in total and Turkish colleagues from Universities in Istanbul.  On March, the Library hosted 18 International Academic Librarians from 13 countries and 5 continents in the 1st “International Library Staff” week.  On June, 8 colleagues from the American Beirut University Libraries spent a week at Koç University and later on, on October, the Library hosted the “Greek and Turkish Library Staff” week.   Continuing in 2019, the Library hosted the 2nd "International Library Staff" week, with the participation of 22 Academic Librarians from around the world.  

International events offer the opportunity to share different professional and cultural backgrounds and experience in a friendly and relaxed environment and is a great start for potential joint projects.

Plus! Istanbul is a unique place to visit and Koç University stands strong in the international educational and research arena.  Don’t miss the chance to be part of the experience!

Main theme

Main Theme: The Silk Road of Information and Research

What was the Silk road other than a well connected network?  A route that carried merchandise, culture, education, trends, even communities.  In today's world, we can find silk roads of all shorts that comprise complicated networks which disseminate materials but also and more importantly, they strengthen relations, they support research, they build collaborations and ease the access in information.  

Universities, as hubs of research and knowledge, strive to excel at scientific output and promote their educational value and worth.  Academic Libraries are aligned to this and play their own part in the University's success.  They too, strive to serve their academic community, follow and keep up with information and technological trends, preserve cultural heritage at some extend, broaden their expertise and experience with international collaborations.

Koç University Libraries, with its main library and its branches in 3 different cities in Turkey are motivated to provide a dynamic and engaging program.  Through this week, library staff and visitors from the two ends of the silk road will come together and have the chance to engage into fruitful discussions about their professional and personal experiences on the profession and their approach and standards to the support they offer to the University they serve.  More than that, this is a unique chance to enjoy a historical city like Istanbul, make new friends and establish future collaborations.

See you in Istanbul! :-)