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Uluslararası Arşivler Günü 2016 / International Archives Day 2016: English

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Join us to celebrate International Archives Day!

International Archives Day:

                       Multifaceted aspects of preservation of cultural heritage resources and the role of libraries

Efforts to preserve resources on cultural heritage have gained new momentum throughout the world recently. Libraries, archives, and museums hold disparate collections in a variety of media, presenting a vast body of knowledge accumulated over the institutions’ history, and the mission of these institutions is to make their collections accessible to intended users. The matter of preservation in archives representing “tangible” cultural heritage resources has long been a challenge for libraries while the matter of digital preservation of cultural heritage resources is an emerging issue which involve managing, maintaining, interoperability, and accessibility. In connection with the International Archives Day on June 9th, 2016, we will discuss the multifaceted aspects of preservation and the roles of library and information science professionals in the preservation of cultural heritage both physically and digitally.


13:30  Welcome

13:45 Panel Discussion


Prof. Seamus Ross | University of Toronto - Digital Longevity within and beyond Memory institutions.

This paper begins by examining current approachesin libraries, archives, and other memory institutions to handling of digital materials, whether they are borne digital or created as the result of digitization.  It notes the shortcomings of these approaches in an environment where digital materials are being created in distributed and fragment organizations and where the public have become peripatetic creative content generators. In response it looks at how safe-harbour seeking digital objects and distributed trust validation systems could support an environment which will make the management of digital materials beyond traditional institutional settings feasible and the new kinds of information communities this approaches might create.  In conclusion, it considers the implications for the change in content creation and management practices on the work of professional librarians and archivists and how they might most effectively respond to these changes as a profession.

Asst. Prof. Selenay Aytac | Long Island University - Digital Preservation of Karamanlidika Cultural Artifacts 


Karamanlidika digital library project aims to provide unified access to Karamanlidika digital artifacts which are currently scattered all over the World Wide Web. Karamanli artifacts or Karamanlidika refers to cultural artifacts remained from those who were speaking ottoman by using a revised Greek alphabet in order to give ottoman pronouncuations. All these resources scattered all over the world especially after the population migrations from anatoli to abroad. This project is supported by Bogazici university TETAM and Fulbright.

15:15 Break

15:30 Panel Discussion: Koç University Digital Collections


Moderator: Canan Ergün


Seamus Ross


Seamus Ross is Professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, also known as U of T’s iSchool and Interim Director of the Coach House Institute (McLuhan Program). During 2016 he is splitting his time between an appointment as Visiting Professor at School of Information Sciences and Technology, Athens University of Economics and Business (Athens) and Visting Scientist at the Digital Curation Unit of the IMIS Athena Research Centre and HATII at the University of Glasgow.

His current research focuses on change over time in digitization practices and the impact this has on the use and preservation of digital materials, a study of automated appraisal in the deluge of the borne digital, and finishing his work on the post-custodial landscape in the age safe harbour seeking digital objects.


Selenay Aytaç


Selenay Aytac is an associate professor at Long Island university libraries. She holds a PhD in information science. She is currently a visiting researcher at Bogazici University TETAM as a Fulbright scholar to conduct digital library research for Karamanlidika artifacts.