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Academic Writing: Action Verb List

This LibGuide was designed to provide you with assistance in citing your sources when writing an academic paper.

Action Verb List

Action Verbs List


The following is a list of verbs commonly used in CV and Cover Letter writing. Use this list to choose the action words that can help your CV and Cover Letter become stronger and more powerful.

  • Management and leadership skills: Use words such as executed, improved, developed, and directed.
  • Creative skills:  Use verbs similar to created, evaluated, customized, invented, originated and revised.
  • Technical skills:  Use words such as assembled, fabricated, operated and programmed.
  • Communication and People skills:  Use verbs like addressed, developed, influenced and negotiated. 
  • Financial skills:  Use words such as audited, budgeted and balanced.
  • Research and Analytical skills: Use verbs similar to developed, documented, edited and investigated
  • General accomplishments skills:  Use words such as achieved, eliminated, initiated, invented 
  • Administrative skills: Use words similar to arranged, collected, ordered and purchased.
  • Teaching skills:  Use words like coached, instructed and persuaded.
  • Helping skills:  Use verbs such as assisted, guided and volunteered.

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